Monday, January 3, 2011

Interesting bits of legislative action

The US House of Representatives has a much nicer website than the Senate. Their list of legislative resources includes Thomas, "in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson," which gives a ton of information from the Library of Congress about bills currently in progress.  You can also get a pretty comprehensive collection of information about enacted laws and treaties, plus other interesting legislative documents, from the Government Printing Office.

Private bills govern only a specific person, group, or corporation. For a current example that I found picking through Thomas, H.R.6499 is specifically for the relief of Celina Hernandez.  It allows her to stay in the US for another year despite her illegal immigration status in order to care for her two sons, who are both US citizens.
 Private bills are always discriminatory, but the US constitution prohibits Bills of Attainder, or any legislative action to declare people guilty or to retroactively declare an act criminal.

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